New European type driver's license

The new European-style license - from 2013, all new driving licenses issued in EU have standardized form – a credit card sized plastic photo card, with improved security features.

Converting a professional driver's license to an amateur driver's license

if she driving license has been submitted for pension to the E.F.K.A. (OAEE-IKA), instead of the permit, a certificate of
above insurance funds and a photocopy thereof driver's license.
If there is another driver's license, it should be filed together because a single one will be issued.

Importing a Motorcycle Driving License - Transportation by Traffic

Driving licenses moped, which were granted by the Services Traffic Officer of the Hellenic Police, now correspond to category AM.

Conversion of official driver's license issued by the Greek Police

Only official driver's licenses, which have been granted after the entry into force of the Decree, are converted. 19/1995
( 01-07-1996 ) and the official license is not submitted to the service, but an exact photocopy of it, which remains in the file of the interested party.

Driving license conversion from Albanian to Greek-European.

The interested party must have obtained the Albanian driver's license before acquiring permanent residence in Greece. In any other case, it cannot be converted with a New European-style diploma.

The interested party should have a valid and unexpired Albanian permit.

The interested party must have a permanent residence in Greece (at least 185 days or 85 days for European Citizens). It is acceptable to submit, with the application, the above
document and before the completion of the period of 185 days from its issuance. In this case, in order to fulfill the requirement for certification of the usual residence of the interested party in Greece, in addition to this document, at least two (2) additional pieces of evidence relating to the critical period in question must be submitted. As an example, two (2) of the following may be submitted: proof of taxation in the country, proof of ownership or rental of a house, a document certifying the social security of the person concerned, proof of children's education, energy or telephone or water bill, etc. .

If the foreign national concerned has the status of a student in Greece on the day of submitting the application and supporting documents, as well as for at least six (6) months before, then instead of the above public document, it is required to submit the original certificate of the school or of the school, which confirms student status.

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