Initial issue of digital tachograph card

Vehicle with Digital Tachograph: a vehicle used for the transport of goods where its maximum permissible weight, including any trailer or semi-trailer, exceeds 3.5 tons, or passenger vehicles that can carry more than nine (9) passengers including driver. The above concerns new vehicles registered with a date later than 1.5.2006.

The driver card identifies the driver and allows the storage of driver activity data. The driver's card is mandatory and its uniqueness is valid on a pan-European level.

The digital tachograph card enables identification of the cardholder by the control device, data download and storage.
The tachograph card can be a driver card or a control card or a workshop card or a business card.

The driver's card is personalized (it bears the digitized photo and signature of its owner) and its validity is for five (5) years.

Card Issuing Authority: H Directorate of Organization and Informatics of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

Digital tachograph card renewal

The power of the digital tachograph card is for five (5) years later needs renewal

Replacement of digital tachograph card due to loss - theft

In the case of loss or theft of the digital tachograph card, the card holder should report this to the competent Police Authority and submit an application for its replacement, within 7 calendar days of the incident. In case the driver is outside Greece, the theft of the card should be reported to the Police of the state where the event occurred.

In the event that the digital tachograph card is found, its owner undertakes to hand it over to NYME, after its data has been previously downloaded.

Replacement of digital tachograph card due to wear, damage, or change of data

No fee is paid for issuing a card due to a malfunction if the malfunction appears within six (6) months of its validity date or if there is an error in its printable information. In the case of wear, malfunction and error in the printable data, the holder must hand it over to the Transport and Communications Service, which sends it to the Card Issuing Authority. If it is found that the card is not malfunctioning then the replacement request is rejected otherwise the Card Issuing Authority follows the card cancellation procedure. In the case of replacement due to a change of data, the card holder is obliged to hand it over to the Transport and Communications Service upon receipt of the new card, after its data has been previously downloaded by the holder.

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