Passenger cars-motorcycles

Car-motorcycle transfer

Transfer of car-motorcycle due to inheritance

Car-motorcycle classification

Removal of retention of title

Replacement of registration due to loss, damage, theft

Vehicle theft report

Car cancellation declaration

Replacement of car-motorcycle plates

Car-motorcycle color change

Car-motorcycle engine change

Final deletion of motorcycle due to destruction-dissolution

Definitive deletion of car - motorcycle due to export abroad

Commercial vehicles

Truck-bus transfer i.h.

Truck classification i.c.

Replacement of truck license due to loss, damage, theft

Definitive deletion of a truck over 3.5 tons due to destruction-dismantling

Definitive deletion of truck due to export abroad

Mechanical studies

Project machinery type approvals
Special purpose vehicle type approvals

Studies & plans:

For trucks, construction machinery, passenger cars, crane vehicles, trailers, trunks, trailers, etc.

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