Driving license

The special driver's license for a Public Passenger Car (P.U.S.) - special taxi license gives its holder the right to drive a P.U. car within the administrative boundaries of the same Regional Unit that the granted.


The person interested in obtaining a special taxi license must be at least 21 years of age.

The interested party must have a category B driver's license.

Not to serve with any employment relationship in the State, N.P.D.D., N.P.I.D. of the public sector of Law 1256/1982 (Α΄65), as applicable each time.

Not to have retired as directly insured by any fund or by the State.

Not to have been punished by a Disciplinary Council for driving or using as an E.D.X. of a car, a vehicle that does not have a valid registration certificate as an E.D.X. car.

Not have been irrevocably convicted of one of the offenses of letter a' of article 100 of Law 4070/2012 (A' 82), i.e. for the offense of forming or joining as a member of a criminal organization, counterfeiting, circulation of counterfeit coins,
forgery, counterfeiting and abuse of insignia, bribery, murder with intent, robbery, kidnapping, rape, molestation, child seduction, facilitating the lewdness of others, child pornography, pimping, exploitation of a prostitute, sex trafficking, molestation of a minor for pay, theft, embezzlement, extortion, fraud, infidelity, violation of arms laws, drug trafficking and use, violation of the provisions of the Law on the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering, illegal transportation of illegal immigrants, desertion, insubordination and illegal employment of workers
To already own driving license at least category B΄ for a minimum period of twenty-four (24) months prior to the submission of the application.

Renewal of a special Public Use Passenger Driver's License (E.D.X.).

The special Public Passenger Passenger (TAXI) driving license is valid for up to 5 years after which it is necessary renewal.

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