Dynamic Accident Analysis

Principle of conservation of momentum, phases of collision, coefficient of restitution, elastic and plastic impact, line of collision, central and eccentric collision, graphical and analytical method of calculating velocities.

Analysis of Tachographs (analogue or digital)

The control of the tachograph as an equipment-instrument and the analysis of its registration card is always done in cases of traffic accidents with vehicles transport of goods over 3.5 tons, including any trailer or semi-trailer, and vehicles passenger transport of more than 9 seats. In this check, all the actions and behaviors of the driver from the time of starting the route to the moment of the check, his stops, the speeds he developed, the hours of driving, rest, parking, etc.

Control of active and passive vehicle safety systems.

Examination of airbags, seat belts, tires and wheels.

Mechanical Examination of Vehicles/Examination of fire/explosion in a vehicle.

Examination of mechanical systems, braking coefficient, tire friction cycle, vehicle motion during braking, estimation of vehicle speed from brake traces, effect of anti-lock braking system (ABS), slope temperature and road surface condition on deceleration.

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