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Snow chains or snow chains are placed on the drive wheels to increase their traction, which means that if the car is front-wheel drive, they should be placed at the front, and if it is rear-wheel drive, at the back.

Anti-skid chains are only used when the road surface is slippery.

You don't decide to put chains on at the last minute, when the car skids and stops moving any further, because you will block the traffic of passing vehicles and there is a serious risk of an accident.

How do I chain?

First of all, you park your car in a safe place on the side of the road and alert the passing drivers by placing your triangle a little further back and activating the car alarms.

Before installation, the wheels where you will install the chains should be in a straight line (on a front-wheel drive car).

Properly installed chains should show and be "stretched"! If you see enough gambling, try again because otherwise they are very likely to leave their place!

Correct installation steps:

You lay the chains out on the road and run the main cable through the inner side of the tire.

You pull the two ends of the wire rope up, hugging the tire with the chain and join at the contact point.

After you have brought all the parts of the chains to the front, you join the ends together (with the yellow color).

Finally, you stretch the chains by passing one end of them to the opposite side and tighten it on the opposite side.