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With the passage of time and the development of technology and transportation, the need to shorten distances and bypass turns has now become a game-changing reality on our national network, through the tunnels.

To benefit from their use and enjoy the journey with maximum safety, we should follow the separate but very important rules for driving on them.


The basic rules we need to know are the following:


Before entering the tunnel:

1) We make sure that we have enough fuel and that there is no possibility of running out of fuel in the tunnel. In case we are not sure, we stop in an area where this is allowed before entering a tunnel.

2) We adapt our speed to the limits of the tunnel, bearing in mind that in tunnels the limits are particularly low and must always be respected.

3) We have foreseen the completion of our overtaking before entering the tunnel, so that we do not make unnecessary lane changes inside it.

4) We turn on the low beam (medium) even during the day and remove any sunglasses to ensure optimal visibility inside the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel:

1) We always keep the necessary safety distances from the vehicles in front, because an accident would cause many times more danger than outside the tunnel.

2) We continue smoothly without unnecessary lane changes.

3) We take into account possible side wind gusts.

4) Under no circumstances do we reverse, reverse or stop inside the tunnel unless there is a good reason.

5) We ALWAYS obey traffic lights and any variable speed limits.

6) We NEVER drive in the LEA (Lane of Emergency).

For the case of increased congestion inside the tunnel:

1) We activate the emergency (alarm) lights to inform the following traffic of a sharp reduction in speed.

2) In case it is necessary to immobilize our vehicle, then we turn off our vehicle to prevent the increase in the concentration of exhaust gases inside the tunnel.

3) We always take into account any instructions from the authorities and any messages from the illuminated signs.


In case of emergency, accident or damage:

1) We activate the emergency (alarm) lights and very carefully head to the right of the tunnel.

2) If there is an emergency recess in the tunnel, we enter it, otherwise we stop at the far right end.

3) Turn off the engine as soon as possible.

4) We get out of our vehicle, but leave the keys in the car and do not lock the doors.

5) We always stand away from traffic and in a safe position on the sidewalk.

6) We use the emergency numbers to call for help and notify the appropriate authorities.

7) We never move any injured people and only if we know we provide first aid.


In case of fire inside the tunnel:

1) In case we can drive and get out of the tunnel, we do so immediately.

2) In case we cannot exit the tunnel, then we stop our vehicle near the right edge of the roadway, turn off the engine and get away from the vehicle as soon as possible.

3) If this is possible, put out the fire with the fire extinguisher located inside the tunnel, or in our car.

4) In case it is not possible to extinguish the fire, we should leave the tunnel immediately, not forgetting to leave the keys in the vehicle and the doors unlocked.

5) We look for the nearest emergency exit by consulting the relevant signs and call for help from the emergency telephones.

6) We never move any injured people and only if we know we provide first aid.