Highway Code

Highway Code

Highway Code


1. Without prejudice to the provisions of article 57 paragraph 1 letter c' of this Code, trailers, except for light ones, must be equipped with the following two wheel braking systems.

a) Road brake, capable of slowing down the vehicle until it stops in a safe, fast and effective manner, whatever the loading conditions and whatever the uphill or downhill slope of the road.

b) Parking brake, capable of slowing down the movement of the vehicle until it stops in a safe, fast and effective way, with which the vehicle remains stationary, whatever the conditions of its loading on a significant uphill or downhill slope of the road. The friction surfaces of this brake are held in the braking position by a device whose energy is purely mechanical. The above does not apply to a trailer, which cannot be disconnected from the towing vehicle, without the use of tools, provided that the provisions of article 57 par. 1 para. a' of this Code concerning the parking brake of the combination of vehicles.

2. The braking systems referred to in the previous paragraph may have common parts, their combination being permitted.

3. The effect of the service brake must be properly distributed to all the wheels of the trailer and synchronized between its various axles.

4. The service brake must be applied from the driving position by operating the service brake of the towing vehicle. Excluded from this provision are trailers with a maximum permissible gross weight of up to 3,500 kilograms, the brake of which may be designed to be activated automatically when the trailer moves towards the slowing towing vehicle.

5. The service and parking brake must act on braking surfaces which are firmly connected to the wheels by means of elements of sufficient strength.

6. The service brake, in the event of detachment of the trailer, must immobilize it automatically. This provision excludes single-axle trailers and double-axle trailers, those whose axle distance is less than one meter, provided that:

a) the maximum permitted gross weight of these does not exceed 1,500 kilograms, and

b) apart from semi-trailers, they are equipped, apart from the main connecting device, with a secondary connection, which in case of breakage of the main device, will prevent the tow bar of the trailer from falling to the ground and will ensure the continuation of safe towing.

7. The person who puts into circulation, as well as the person who drives a vehicle pulling a trailer from the above, which is not equipped with a braking system that operates in accordance with the provisions of this article is punished with an administrative fine of two hundred (200.00) euros.