Highway Code

Highway Code

Highway Code


1. Races of animal vehicles, animals, bicycles, cars, three-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds on public or private roads and spaces may only take place after a relevant permit.

2. The permission according to the previous paragraph is given:

a) For animal vehicle and animal races, from the local Police Departments or Traffic Departments.

b) For bicycle races, similarly by these Authorities, after prior application of the interested parties and recommendation of the Hellenic Cycling Federation (E.O.P.) and c) For all car, tricycle, motorcycle and moped races by the Minister of Public Order or of the Authorities authorized under it, after the consent of the legal entity that officially represents in Greece the International Automobile Federation (IAA), the International Motorcycle Federation (IAM) and in the case of vintage car races, the International Vintage Car Federation (D.O.G.A.). In particular, the holding of competitions with small four-wheeled vehicles (karts) is carried out only in special areas (tracks), for which a competition ground license has been previously granted, in accordance with the provisions of article 18 of Law 75/1975 "on the organization of extracurricular of sport and regulation of related issues" and with the International Kart Competition conditions, which are established by the legal entity representing the International Automobile Federation (IAF) in Greece. The application of the interested parties is submitted to the legal entity representing D.O.A., D.O.M. or D.O.P.A., which forwards it to the Ministry of Public Order, together with its consent, in order to issue the relevant permit.

3. With what is mentioned in par. 2 sec. c' of this article shall not affect the provisions of Law 2323/1995 Outdoor trade and other provisions referring to the granting of permits by the local government organizations (OTA) to the car tracks for recreation, which are still in force. In this case, the consent of the legal entity that represents in Greece is required. These vehicles must be insured and to drive them, a car driver's license or a Karting driver's license of any category, issued by the legal entity that officially represents in Greece, is required. Greece the International Automobile Federation (IAF). The safety measures provided by the International Kart Regulation, both for drivers and spectators, are applied accordingly.

4. Whoever violates the provisions of this article shall be punished with imprisonment of up to one (1) year and a fine of at least two hundred (200.00) euros.